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Management Training

Management Training


management Training

An organization’s mental health and substance abuse policy cannot be effective unless management is willing and able to be put into action. Education and training of management plays a key role in fostering an open culture where employees feel safe to share concerns about their mental health. 

Veritus’ online three part corporate training program prepares management to be able to provide support for team members and to be able to intervene earlier mitigating risk to the business and impact on productivity. 

Part One

  • How to recognize impairment in the workplace

  • How to recognize signs of poor mental health

  • How to begin difficult conversations with employees who need help

Part Two

  • Overview of substance use disorders and different levels of care

  • Overview of mental health disorders

  • Resources for mental health treatment

  • How to best use an employee assistance program

  • Drug testing 101

Part Three

  • The opioid crisis and how it impacts your company, the problems and the recommended solutions

  • Americans with Disability Act (ADA)

  • The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

  • Issues around the legalization of marijuana

  • Awareness raising and myth busting around mental health language

Veritus helps to promote and track training within an organization. Realizing the importance of having as much of management trained on this issue and the difficulties of finding additional time to do so, our online program is approximately 90 minutes in length. One does not have to be an expert on this issue in order to be very useful in the fight against addiction and mental health in the workplace.  

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