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Entertainment Industry Symposium


entertainment industry symposium

Leadership is critical to embed mental health into corporate culture. A sense of urgency about mental health is transcending the entertainment industry.

This one day conference provides executive training for senior management and board members in the entertainment industry preparing them for their critical role in addressing these issues. 

Topics of discussion:

  • Understanding the role leadership needs to play in addressing the mental health and addiction crises in the workplace

  • The financial rationale for investing and promoting mental health and the value on investment for these programs

  • Case studies of companies who have successfully implemented solutions

  • Demystifying mental health treatment

  • Assessment tools to determine whether existing programs are effective

  • Telemedicine & Technology

  • Creating a long-term Mental Health vision for your company

The presenters at our Symposium are nationally recognized industry leaders in healthcare, employee benefits, law and Human Resources.  

This Symposium for the entertainment industry on mental health is being scheduled for September 2019. Details to follow. 

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