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Who We Are

Who We Are


We are industry leaders in mental health treatment, healthcare coordination and employee benefit consulting. 


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Steven j. wolt, President & Founder

Steven’s personal journey with substance use and mental health disorders as well as his recovery from them were the impetus to create Veritus. After having struggled for years in silence due to the shame around addiction and mental health, then having to navigate the coordination of his treatment and care including the difficulties of returning to the workplace, it became obvious to him that additional resources were needed to help companies deal with these issues.

For over 20 years, Steven has been a leader in the employee benefits and insurance industries having represented large corporations, law firms, accounting firms and hospitals providing executive benefits. Steven designed Veritus with the vision that its corporate training, employee education and intensive care management will be part of benefit packages offered to Corporate America.

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Robert miller, Executive chairman

Bob is a media entrepreneur and business executive with more than 40 years of professional experience.  During his career, Bob was the President of Sports Illustrated, President and CEO of Time Inc. Ventures and had personally owned magazines such as Vibe, Tennis, Cruising World and Sailing World.  Bob is the Chairman of the Freedom Institute Board of Directors since 2012 where he works closely with the leadership team to develop and execute strategy. 


Dr. Michel Sucher, Chief Medical Director 

For over 30 years Dr. Sucher has been practicing addiction medicine. He is regarded nationally as a pioneer and foremost industry expert in alcohol and drug monitoring and after care programs. He serves as the medical director of the monitored aftercare programs for the Arizona Medical Board, the Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners and the State Bar of Arizona. He is also President of the California Physicians Health program. He currently serves as the medical director for Community Bridges which is a substance abuse and mental health treatment program in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Rachael Russell, Chief Clinical Officer 

Rachael is the Chief Clinical Officer for the Freedom Institute and has been a member of the leadership team since 2011. Rachael is highly involved in supporting new initiatives in clinical programming.   Prior to the Freedom Institute, Rachael worked as a therapist, program director and grant writer for youth and family programs primarily in underserved communities.  

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Ben kiker, Director, Coaching Services

Ben is the founder and CEO of the Ben Kiker Group, which provides transformative business, executive, and recovery coaching services. As a former chief marketing officer of notable Silicon Valley technology companies, Ben experienced firsthand the difficulties of beginning a recovery journey while working in the spotlight. He founded the Ben Kiker Group to help executives who, like him, were challenged in starting and building resiliency for recovery. Ben's team of EIRs (Executives In Recovery) understand the challenges executives face in early recovery, and they have deep experience in helping executives blend recovery with the demands on an intense career. Ben is a sought-after speaker and author whose energy has sparked the transformative power of recovery in people around the world. 


A renowned, state of the art outpatient treatment and recovery center that provides a range of innovative, evidenced based treatment services for adults, adolescents and families.  Freedom Institute is a non-profit that was founded in 1976 and is located in mid-town Manhattan.